Simplify your Google Nest Hello Installation


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Wall anchors can be used in drywall, concrete, brick, metal or wood, and installation takes just a few steps. Keep the weight of the object under 30 lbs. or the anchor may pull out of the wall.

Step 1

Mark the intended location of the plastic anchor with a marker. Use the included template. The two holes should be 3.25-inches apart.

Step 2

Drill a hole in the wall for each anchor. Use an electric drill for concrete or wood walls and a drill or an awl for drywall. An awl has the advantage of creating less drywall dust. When using a drill, select a bit with a diameter that is slightly smaller than the diameter of the wall anchor for a tight fit.

Use the included drill bit that came with your Google Nest Hello package.

Step 3

Push the plastic wall anchor as far as it will go into the hole with your finger. Tap it gently with a hammer until the anchor is flush with the wall surface. If the anchor bends as you hammer it in, remove it with a pair of pliers and insert another anchor.

Step 4

Insert the screws into your wall mount. The 1.5-inch screw will work with the wallplate and angle wedge together or mounted separately.

Step 5

Attach your Google Nest Hello Wall Mount and tighten the screws into the plastic wall anchor with a screwdriver. As you turn the screw, the anchor will expand to grip the sides of the hole.

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