Low-Stress Training Clips – LSTclips
by AirTech ®  Organic Automation

This technique has been used by growers for thousands of years. Low stress training is a new take on an old method of growing fruiting plants and trees to grow in a uniform manner.

Growers gain more control of their crops, allowing for bigger and better yields.

LSTclips by AirTech ® Organic Automation are great for speeding up the process of allowing better airflow, light control, and compact spaces.

Increase your crops performance with LSTclips

AirTech® Organic Automation has designed LSTclips with you in mind. 

Our Patent Pending Design allows for minimal contact with the use of the built-in thumb handle. LSTclips are angled at 120 degrees for an optimum bend. This reduces stress to the plant and prevent breaks.

Made with the Agriculture Plastic   
Poly-carbonate (PC): Often used for greenhouses.
We took every step in insuring a safe product for your garden.