The Original Nest Hello Wedge Extender

AirTech has spent several months refining our Nest Hello Wedge based on customer feedback.

We listened to your feedback and developed a solution to create a better viewing radius for your Nest Hello.

Change your Nest Hello view by 15, 30 or 45-degrees.

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After Installing a few of the Nest Hello Video Doorbells, I realized that the included 15-degree mount was not enough of an angle so I designed a 30-degree wedge.  This solved my problem of not being able to see the packages at my front doormat.

Change your Nest Hello viewing angle.

Our Wedge extender kit has been overhauled with all of the fixes that you asked for. Our mounts are made with durable plastic mold injected PVC for a long life span. (Comes in White and Black)

Our new design has a smaller opening for the wires, also it has a recessed screw area to sit your Nest Hello mount nice and snug!

Take A Look At Features Compared

Just the other day one of my customers installed a white wall plate with a black wedge.  It looked pretty sharp! His front door is black with white trim, so his Nest Hello really popped!

Comes in Black or White

We also decreased the size of the opening to prevent wires from being exposed.

The kit comes with a wallplate and a 30-degree wedge.  If you don’t need an angle but want an attractive wall plate that can cover holes, you can use with or without the wedge.

You can purchase the New Nest Hello Wedge Extender kit Here:

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

Nest Hello Video Doorbell Mount and Angle Bracket

Does your Nest Hello mount on the side of your entry wall or at an angle you don’t like?

It’s difficult to see who comes to your front door when the camera isn’t angled correctly or the surface you are mounting on is uneven.

As Nest Pros we look for solutions in transforming homes to smart homes.  That is why we are working hard on developing a Nest Hello Angle Bracket/Mount, so you can mount your Nest Hello to a side wall at a 30-degree angle. Look for our Flat panels for increased support for uneven surfaces.

Testimonial from Jose #5

Nest Hello Mount ny AirTech

The Original Nest Hello Wedge Extender

(Patent Pending)

Made In USA


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I find that a 30-degree angle adjustment option is plenty for angle adjustment. Read More Reviews

“Nest Hello was designed specifically for your front door. It can see a lot with its 160°wide-angle view and its image is optimized for close range so you can see visitors head-to-toe as well as packages on the ground.”
More Nest Hello Specs.

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Nest Hello Mount Install completed

Enjoy an added 30-degree angle.

Customer Photos:

Thanks, Jose for sharing!

15 Responses

  1. Robert Shaw says:

    My doorbell will mount to the right of the door but will be perpendicular to the door on lap siding (Hardi-Plank). Does the 30 degree wedge mount have adjustments to compensate for the angle of lap siding? Or, do you make another mount or add-on plate to do this?

  2. My bracket was damaged during shipping but Air-tech shipped another bracket the same day. They have terrific customer support.

  3. Just received my AirTech mount (very fast shipping). I purchased the paint you recommended, but I’m wondering if I like the color that they already are do I need to paint? Not sure if the paint gives some protection, etc. Thanks so much. Such a great product!

    • Thanks for sharing Jose! So happy to help out, keep an eye out for our future Nest Accessory Products.

  4. jbarajasp says:

    I just put in my order! Very excited I found this! Thanks for making it!!

    • Thank you, Jose! Will be shipping our first batch of orders in the morning! Let me know how it works for you.

    • Glad you asked Rob. I was about to post an update, so I might as well do so now. We are now processing our pre-orders! If you place an order today, it should ship within five days. I just installed a Nest Hello Doorbell Mount today, take a look at some of the pictures I took.

  5. Can this bracket be installed under the included Nest Hello 15 degree wedge to give a 45 degree adjustment?

  6. Luis Gorbena says:

    This is what I am waiting for before pulling the trigger on buying a nest hello.
    I would appreciate different colors, hopefully to match the color of my house.

    Thanks for this!

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