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I would have to come by and assess what work would be needed to get a cam set up and positioned by your automatic gate. After talking to Nest Pro Tech Support, we believe that the solution of using a Nest Cam IQ Outdoor to monitor who approaches the front of your property is a great solution in keeping you and your family safe and alerted when needed.

Normally a cam is installed on the outside of your dwelling, but as long as there’s electricity at the gate, I‘ll be able to tie into power the IQ Cam.

Due to the distance from your gate to the house, I would install a router extender to connect the cam via WiFi. We would test the signal beforehand to see if we get a clear signal to and from our cam location.

I think these are the features you are looking for:

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Air Tech sees great benefits in partnering with Nest Labs (a Google company). These benefits can be passed on to you.

Not only is Air Tech licensed to maintain, install, and repair your homes indoor climate systems (HVAC). We can also set up and install a home cam solution that will easily be controlled with the Nest app and custom scripts that can be programmed just for you!

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