When it comes to your home hub you should consider usability for future and current devices. Take into consideration the developer’s plans for integration with emerging smart products. Both Google and Alexa have extensive developer and partner integration systems in place which allows for unlimited possibilities for controlling your home directly from your home hub screen. As a developer of both Google and Amazon, I can see that Google’s Action Console dominates ease of integration into the heart of Google Assistant, the driving force for Google’s smart ecosystem.

Google Home Hub

Some of the things you can do with Google Home and Home Hub which other smart home controllers like Alexa or Siri may be limited to.

  • Broadcast to all speakers
  • Control Google with third-party speakers
  • Tell Google up to three commands in a row
  • Choose for multiple voice styles
  • Easily create your own commands with Google Actions
  • Play music from other music sources via WiFi.

As the vast landscape of smart devices continues to expand, the complexity of integration and use can become daunting if you don’t set your home up correctly from the beginning. That includes choosing and sticking to a primary provider to control your home. I choose Google to do this for me for the simple fact that Google has a solid foundation of integrating information into digital systems. That’s what they do. Amazon started off as an Online Store, that is what they do.

Take into consideration your usage requirements, if you are serious about running a truly smart home pick the choice that will be less of a headache to integrate for your future devices.

Start creating your own Google Actions


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